Business vs. Pleasure

When it comes to business, you must be overly focused to succeed. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear patience is a virtue? We believe you have to be extremely aggressive with your movement towards goals but have patience with the time it takes to see fruits from your work. 

Our team here at FGM believes hitting goals, checkpoints, or benchmarks as a business deserves celebration! It is important to surround yourself with people who believe the same thing. If you continue to propel forward with the mindset that you are intimidated by things to come, it can become toxic. Goals are set for a purpose. When you hit them celebrate. When you don't, reevaluate them and move forward. 

For the end of July and beginning of August our team celebrated for three reasons. Our CEO, Blake Hahn, was celebrating his 27th birthday! We hit our 1 year anniversary as a company! Also, we have seen so much growth and success in this first year. So we did what we believe is extremely healthy for a serious business. We celebrated. We want to share some pictures with you below. These pictures are not to boast, rather to show you that hard work pays off.

Celebrate your victories because no one else understands what it took to accomplish them.