Negative thoughts and feelings can increase your stress, tension, anger, and pessimism. They can cause a number of physical symptoms and put you at risk of developing a disease or dying before your time.

This means stress can kill you!

But of course, you’ll feel and look better and may even increase your lifespan by changing the way you think.

Positive thoughts are always healthier than negative ones. Aside from being able to minimize stress, being positive is directly linked to a lower risk for heart disease and feelings of depression and loneliness.

Studies have revealed that positive people are less likely to suffer from depression than their pessimistic counterparts.

Being positive is a powerful trait that can boost both your physical and mental health. It’s the key to achieving your goals and dreams.

We are certain that having an optimistic outlook on life will improve your success, so why not start practicing it today?

Learn Positive Thinking

Find out the best way to think about things. What makes you think one way and not another? Think positive. Think enthusiastic. Think confident. Positive Thinking is the ability to generate energy from within and focus it on positive things.

It's easy to become discouraged by the many worries and the uncertainty of what might the future bring. But the more you think about the things you want most in life, the more inspired you'll be to make them happen. Just learn how to handle and deal with those obstacles effectively.

Your Happiness Depends on Your Focus

Your happiness depends on your focus. In life, there are many things that can keep you from being happy. If you try to make every moment count, and the week after week waste time thinking about what could have been, you will never be content. To get motivated we need to know we are thwarted by something at some time in our lives and then take steps to address it. Don’t let them overwhelm you, use them to learn about yourself and become stronger. 

Stay motivated by setting small goals for yourself. When they are met, you will feel energized and ready to tackle the next challenge. And most importantly, smile!


Make a Habit of Practicing Gratitude

Attribution is our way of remembering what’s really important in life. In this case, it’s gratitude — gratitude for a lucky break or moment of inspiration, or by simply making the effort of being grateful in everyday life. 

Your attitude and actions throughout the day can make a profound difference in how well you perform in various aspects of your life. When you start off the day feeling okay, maybe because you woke up feeling okay, it's easy to set expectations for the rest of the day. This goes for setting your expectations for yourself as well as for your friends and family.

Practicing gratitude daily will help you get more done in every area of your life — because building things takes work and thinking about what you're grateful for sets you up to succeed when things get hard. Always remember that there is a quality of life that happens when we choose to be grateful.

Writing down what you're grateful for in the morning is also the other way that will help you stay motivated throughout the day. What are your daily goals? How many times have you attempted to accomplish them today? What habit have you formed that helps you accomplish these goals more easily? Not only will this remind you of your successes but it'll also help you discover new areas of your life that need improvement. This new perspective could help you find new areas of improvement to help drive greater success in your current area of interest. Planning your day the right way is important

Look, if you’re a busy person who doesn’t have time to look for what tool to use to remain on track, just click here, get a good planner and get a chance to win the day.

Be with Positive People

One of the simplest, yet most effective ways to boost motivation is spending time with positive people. Positive relationships provide a viewpoint from which to view the world and can provide a sense of affiliation and purpose. Making positive connections with people you admire has been found to have as strong an effect on motivation and achievement as attending a big sporting event or attending a religious service.

Just by spending time with positive people, you're building up your immunity to stress.


Help People in Need

The greatest thing anyone can do is to help others. Helping others is defined as doing things to help or improve a lot of those around you. Whether it's spreading the word about a company or product, giving money to a charity or political cause, or volunteering your time, helping others builds up your self-esteem and makes you feel good about yourself. The process of helping others is a positive one because it builds on our human values. We are social animals and helping others builds up your peer group. In addition, helping others build up the meek among us who would dare to interact with those above them in wealth and rank.

When you help others, it inwardly motivates you. You feel better about yourself and things appear to be better in your life. 


Do Something You Love

Live what you think is your true passion and spend as much time and money creating it as possible. In other words, do something you love on a regular basis and your passion will increase. 

Imagine a world where you don't have to think about work. Where you don't have to be closeted in your small cubicle dreaming of a better life. Where you can be yourself, and not hesitate to give your all in everything you do. Imagine that. It’s possible. You just have to believe it can happen. And that’s where Creative Live begins. Live your purpose, do something in your life that is going to define you even just for a while.

On the other hand, one way is through a hobby. A hobby can take a variety of forms. Perhaps you enjoy spending time with friends and family. Another option is to take up a new vocation. Whatever the case, whatever your hobby, take great care to stay motivated throughout your pursuit. Look for ways to stay positive at every turn or you may also just simply treat yourself with luxurious items if shopping is what you love. 

Challenge Your Negative Thoughts

Becoming better at focusing requires facing challenges. One of the most effective ways to challenge negative thoughts is to write them down. Negative thoughts make it difficult for us to be productive, so the best way to combat them is to write them down and then challenge them. When you challenge your negative thoughts, you increase the white noise surrounding your thoughts which helps to focus better. 

Negative Thinking can be just as much about self-worth as positive thinking. To overcome negative thoughts, we also need a foundation of factual thinking.

Remember being a positive thinker can have far-reaching, positive effects on you and your friends, your colleges, and your family. Stay happy and positive every day!