Marketing Hacks for this Holiday Season

Marketing Hacks for this Holiday Season

Plan well in advance of an upcoming holiday to ensure that you don’t fall behind on potential sales and increase your brand awareness.    

Holiday campaigns are an excellent way to pick up new customers. And it's a clever time to show off your brand to people who may not have considered you otherwise. It opens important opportunities for your business. Give an extra discount and it will help gain more customers.

Here are 5 things you need to know about running successful holiday campaigns.

  1. Create Landing Pages Exclusively for Holidays 

Holiday-themed landing pages are generally easier to design than generic ones. You don't need to consider all of the different products you have or all of your target audience's demographics. With holiday-themed landing pages, you can just focus on creating one page that will effectively target your main goal for a specific holiday.

The best way to do this is to create a unique landing page for each holiday. This way, you can make sure that the content on your website corresponds specifically to the kind of people you want to attract during that time. It is also important because the amount of traffic you receive from search engines during a certain period will increase if you have more landing pages, instead of just one.

This is because Google and other search engines give more weight in their ranking algorithms to sites with more content. So if you just have one main landing page for all holidays, there is less content than if you have multiple landing pages for each holiday or event. Thus, it is important to create multiple landing pages in order to promote your business effectively during any season.

  1. Offer Time-Limited Sales

Using time-limited offers is a great way to increase your conversion rates and increase your sales.

Time-limited sales are especially effective for smaller, less popular products. There's less demand for those products, so even a small increase in sales can have a big impact on revenue. And because people feel like they're getting a bargain, they'll be more likely to purchase the product when the price is reduced.

  1. Provide Freebies

If you are running a holiday promotion, don't give away a sample of your product. Give away something that can be used in combination with your product. It will encourage more people to buy it. And it may make this year's buyers into next year's customers, too.

If you are selling any kind of seasonal product, think about what someone would want to use it with that they might not have thought of yet. Maybe it will be useful all year round, or maybe there is just something that goes with it that they didn't know they needed. Whatever you do, double down on the "with".

  1. Offer Discounted Bundles

When you sell a single product, it is reasonable to assume that the people who buy it are not just buying that one thing. They may want other things too, but they don't buy them at the same time because they are not yet ready to buy.

When you sell a bundle of products, however, you get to capture some of that latent demand. When someone buys a bundle of products, you know someone is ready to buy more stuff from you. Bundling allows you to both lower your average transaction size and raise your average order value.


  1. Send Holiday Cards or Emails to Old Customers

Send holiday cards or emails to old customers. It is that simple. Not only are you reminding them that you exist and are ready for business, you are also letting them know about your current services, products and events. It is a great idea to include a coupon or gift card in the card or email. There is nothing worse than receiving a Christmas card from someone and then trying to find out where they shop. Don't make your customers go through that misery.

The other reason to send holiday cards is that it shows your customers that you really do care about them and appreciate them. You will be surprised how many companies just let the holidays go by without sending out cards. The customers love it when they get these cards, especially if they have been with the company for some time or if they live far away.