Great sales are the result of planning and preparation, or in other words, planning ahead.

All the top sales pros have the same expectations from their team. They want to meet those expectations and to have a great day – you can’t have a great day without a plan.

Some tips on how to have a successful Sales Day… 

1. Order Inventory in Advance

It is preferable that you purchase the products before the sale day. But there are always circumstances when you will wish to order inventory in advance. With the purchase of products before the sales day, you will be able to reduce expenses on warehousing, purchasing, and logistics. We suggest getting everything you need at least 2 months before the sale for your home selling process to run smoothly. 

2. Promote, Promote, Promote. 

What's the secret to having a successful sales day? Prepare. And promote. And promote some more.

The best time to prepare for a sales day is before. Planning is everything, and the better the planning, the more success you will have. If you have a clear plan, then when the big day comes, you are in a great place to succeed.

If you plan well, you can focus on your most important customers.  Once you have a plan, you need to push it. Tell to everyone. Of course, you can't hit every potential customer, and people are rarely ready to buy on their first contact. But you can target your most important customers, and your most important customers will have a ready response.

In addition, developing and implementing a comprehensive strategy to increase new customer acquisition channels in key markets, including social media, email marketing, and in-store promotions is very important.  This means you have to maximize online ads. And in promoting start locally with small companies and target the global market next.

3. Happiness Matters than the price 

It’s a great time to revive your marketing strategy. It’s a perfect time to get in front of your prospective customers and get them excited about what you have to offer this year.

You can promote your products during the Holiday Shopping Season with a discount on all products for huge sale days or weeks. It’s simple.  Show and remind your customers that holidays are a time for happiness and joy. It is a magical time of year, and happiness is more important than the price of your gifts.

The holiday season is the most important time of year for retail sales. So don’t let your customers pass up an opportunity to increase their happiness.


4. Review Your POS System 

Before the sales day, make sure your POS system is working correctly. It’s easy to forget small but important details when prepping for a big event. Make sure everything is working properly in advance both the week before and every day leading up to the date of the sales. Complete the POS System review process. You need to be ready for all opportunities so any complaints or problems can be handled effectively.

5. Hire Additional Staff for the Holiday Sales 

For those of us who can’t handle all the effort and time required to sell our products, we need additional help. 

Hiring additional staff for the Holiday Season is a great idea. It’s important to have enough people working on your behalf to be effective in sales.

6. Keep It Simply

Sales can be a very stressful undertaking. It can be difficult to get started and once you do, it’s easy to become discouraged. Especially with all the distractions that can come up, it can be overwhelming. Just try to make everything simple and just make sure to make your team ready to rock out.

All these preparations take time. But don't worry, once the day comes, you'll be ready.

And once you have a plan, and get the word out, a day of sales is fun and easy. And like everything else, it gets easier the more you do it.

Remember to make every potential customer feel special. Your plan should be tailored to them, with an offer that maximizes their satisfaction. Make them feel special, and you will have made them a customer for life.

Your customer will not only buy from you but also recommend your business to others. It means they feel good about themselves and their experience with your business. It’s your marketing pillars. Our dedication, to our clients and each other, gives us a reputation for quality and consistency.