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Facebook Full Funnel Ad Pack

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With our Full Funnel Facebook Ad Pack, you get everything you need to start or update campaign creative to attract new customers and capture site abandoners.

When you set up campaigns for different stages of the customer journey, you need to have the ad creative to follow: Prospecting ads for targeting new customers and remarketing ads for targeting those that have already shown interest.

We'll look at your website, product, or service and craft ads that will give you THE BEST chance at conversion for these specific stages.  

Here's What You Get:

- Two prospecting ad copy variations (Text, Headline, and Link Text) for conversion or traffic audiences.

- Two remarketing ad copy variations (Text, Headline, and Link Text) for conversion audiences.

- One custom image for Facebook prospecting.

- One custom image for Facebook remarketing.


All copy and images will be perfectly formatted for Facebook, so you can easily upload without any need to edit. 

If you plan to also use these for Instagram Ads, we suggest that you used a square sized image.  Click the Instagram add-on and we will include those versions as well.

After checkout, we'll send you a simple form so we can get a better idea of your business and the goals of your ad campaign. This will help us make the perfect copy and images for you.

In 5 days, we will deliver your order.

Service Upgrades:

Upgrade your Facebook Funnel Ad Pack order with the following options:

Add Instagram Story Sizes
Our designers will craft two horizontal image versions for use in the stories placement.

Research 10 Interest Targets
We'll find the 10 best detailed interest targets to use with your campaign.

Priority Delivery
We'll put you ahead of standard orders and aim to deliver in as little as 24 hours.