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StoryTap | Story Starter

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The easiest way to get 5 customer VIDEO REVIEWS per month.

Written reviews are like fax machines; old tech, unshareable and 30% (min) are fake. Written reviews are costing businesses billions in lost sales and brand trust.

Drive sales and brand trust with something customers want: VIDEO REVIEWS.

StoryTap | Story Starter includes:

  • The Story Starter package is a StoryTap branded whitelable (for customers) with your brand front and centre as a co-brand.
  • Up to 5 videos per month
  • Up to 25 product SKUs
  • Star rating feature
  • 1 Video review script/Story Guide- that can be edited
  • YouTube integration
  • Auto website video embed (with star ratings)
  • Organized video library to download or share by video story or video sound bite
  • Customizable video release
  • Video analytics and more

CUSTOMER-GENERATED: Real, authentic and believable video reviews. Customers record using their phone, tablet or desktop, you direct the review.

RESULTS: 71% of consumer will purchase after watching a video review. Video reviews drive 80% more conversion.

DISTRIBUTION: Imagine friends influencing their friends to buy? Unpaid media that touches an influenced market that your client’s media budget could never access.

YOUTUBE INTEGRATION: Search your clients product by google video, what comes up? Get your YouTube strategy humming with video reviews

WEBSITE INTEGRATION: Easily showcase your star rated video reviews, automatically on your website, even by product to product. Set it up once, and forget about it. You control what you want to show ie just 4 & 5 star rated videos, or a random selection. Customize this all you want.

OWNED: You own the video rights to the videos produced and can measure each videos performance.

EASY & FAST & AUTOMATED: Video campaign setup time takes 5 minutes. Customize the type of story, where they record, and more, then sit back and watch the magic happen.

ORGANIZED: The ultimate organized video library with analytics, flexible to allow video downloads by story or sound bite.


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