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Zenreach | Customer Data Platform

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Implement Zenreach to help your clients automate turning their new customers into repeat customers then showing a real ROI.

Know every customer. Automate your marketing. 
See real results.

Zenreach helps businesses know their customers better and grow sales by connecting real-world behavior with online experiences. Our WiFi marketing platform lets you automatically track customer visits, build rich customer profiles, target communication more precisely,  and directly measure in-store impact.

Zenreach can be served up a number of ways to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes, from mom-and-pops to national chains. Installation is plug-and-play, so you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

*NOTE: Customer Data Platform is the Engage (Core) product of Zenreach and is required along with each Add-On (Email Marketing & Customer Insights) to upgrade accordingly.*


With Customer Data Platform | Zenreach, grow your customer knowledge base, and build the foundation for Email Marketing and Customer Insights, all while having access to:

  • Branded Hotspot: Custom landing page to greet customers and promote features.
  • Guest List: Validate address, organize, import and export guest details.
  • Welcome Message: Automated welcome message for new customers.
  • Email Marketing: Send limited email blasts.
  • Visitor Dashboard: Track visits, email performance, and key metrics.
  • Mobile App: The power of Zenreach on the go.


  • Grow your customer list through WiFi 5x faster compared to traditional offline methods.
  • Customers visit 3x more frequently. In the first 180 days, out-of-network customers visit 2.4 times, while in-business customers visit 6 times.
  • You're 2x as likely to win back lost customers. For lost customers, if they receive and open a lost-customer smart email from Zenreach, 19% of them return within 30 days vs. 10%.
  • 85% more of your first-time guests come back. 25% of out-of-network customers return after a first visit vs. 45% of in-business customers.
  • Customers are 5x more likely to remain loyal. After a 15th visit, 1.32% of out-of-network customers return vs. 6.74% of in-business customers.

Zenreach Customer Success - Restaurants